Garden design package 1

For gardens upto 100sqm


Great for new builds, town gardens and roof gardens.


Garden design package 2

For gardens upto 300sqm


Great for new builds, town gardens and roof gardens.



Garden design package 3

For gardens upto 600sqm


Great for most semi and detached properties.



Garden design package 4

For gardens upto 1200sqm


Great for large gardens and estates.


Garden design package 5

For gardens over 1200sqm


Great for large gardens and estates.



Driveway design package

For all driveway projects


Great for front gardens not car parks.


Lighting scheme design

For garden lighting schemes


Great for adding a night time dimension to your garden.


Irrigation system design

For all irrigation projects


Take the hassle out of watering with an automated irrigation system.









Irrigation systems design





Great for

New and establised gardens


Price range



Irrigation systems are your garden's hidden water feature. A system of underground water pipes and discreet lawn pop ups, boarder sprinklers and porous pipes. We design our systems to put the right amount of water into the right places exactly when it is needed.


All of our systems are fully automated so you do not have to worry about watering your garden again. Moisture and rain sensors can be added to give the system greater flexibility. Irrigation systems use far less water than would be used by watering the same area with a hosepipe.


Initial site visit

The first step where we meet you and your garden for the first time. We will discuss your needs and desires for the garden, as well as our fees and process for the design work.


After the visit we will provide you a quotation for your design package.


1) Client brief meeting

Our designer will guide you through the different systems, watering requirements and control systems available.




2) Site survey

Only required for stand alone designs, the survey will map the existing layout of your gardens boundries and features.





3) Irrigation scheme design drawing

The design drawing will detail the watering zones, valve locations and the main pipe routes.



4) Irrigation system specification

A highly detailed document which contains every detail about the new irrigation system, the water delivery (i.e. pop up, border sprinklers etc) tank and system capicity and the control systems to be installed.



5) Irrigation systen design presentation

Once the drawings and specifications are complete, we will present the design to you and explain in detail how the system works.

Additional design services


Additional design services can be added to any design package. These include:


Planning application drawings

Planning application submissions

3D drawings

Cross sections

Colour rendering

Services layouts


How to book


If you are would like to book a garden design package, please Click here to contact us.


One of our garden designers will contact you and arrange a initial site visit at your convenience.